my name is dia and i'm fifteen. to know about me go here

✖ i will check out your blog if you message me nicely enough, i will, however, not respond to your message if you ask me to follow you back.

✖ i will gladly vote for you/ reblog/ like for you, just send me a direct link through fanmail. i will, however, not reblog ads or anything that promotes a brand/company.

✖ go here for my detailed faq and here for my writing faq.
really sorry for being inactive, school is taking up too much of my time. i will, however, try my best to keep my queue running and come online once in a while to reply to your messages.

you can keep up with me on my other social networks:
▸ instagram - diatiwari
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▸ facebook - intendedly
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▸ snapchat and kik - omgdia

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